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Compare Analytics Course offered in India

Compare Analytics Course offered in India:

Analytics market in India growing at a very faster pace. Shortage of skilled resources in the segment forced companies to relay on training institutes to fulfill their resource need. Though in-house training is not ruled out still an expensive proposition & limitations of having quality content make things even tougher.

Recognizing the opportunity and prosperity of analytics JOB market in India, many premium organizations started their Analytics Course. Most of the program offered by these premium institutes target to working class professionals hence offer either online course or weekend. Where the contact hour of teaching vary from 200-400 hrs.

In recent time some of the small time institutes also started offering courses in Analytics though the focus of these institutes to offer few components of analytics field but able to attract good number of course takers. In this scenario it is important to understand which courses to choose & why?


Some of the factors which someone can consider before choosing the course-

Number of contact hours & Mode of delivery contrary to most of other institutes Data panacea offers only classroom programs with 400 contact hours of classroom teaching. Apart from ISB all other institutes offers 200-280 hrs of interactive sessions. Where in IIM Kolkata prefers to offer the complete program in online mode, someone can choose either online or classroom study in case of IIM Bangalore. IIM Lucknow provides only 30% of the program in classroom mode rest online.


Keeping aside the brand value of these 4 organizationswe are ahead as far as the profundity of the program the key differentiators is our Digital Marketing & Analytics and Mobile Analytics courses which are two key trends in the market. In data management we make our students to work on various types of data including social media and as a tool approach Apache Hadoop.



DPA- PGP BA IIM Calcutta – EPBA ISB Hyderabad – CBA IIM Lucknow – CPBAE IIM Bangalore – BAI
Course Fees 3.2 Lakhs 2.5 Lakhs 5 Lakhs 4 Lakhs 4 Lakhs
Course duration 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Business Data Mining
Business Intelligence
Contemporary Analytics
Data Collection
Data Management
Data Visualization
Financial Analytics
Digital Marketing
Forecasting Analytics
Marketing Analytics
Operations and Supply Chain Analytics
Pricing Analytics
Spreadsheet Modeling
Mobile BI