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“I would highly recommend Data Panacea’s program into business analytics to anyone seeking a step up in their career prospects in addition to gaining a broad-based education that would be a great asset in today’s global economy.”


“The course is very much in lines to current industry needs and standards. Working and taking any course is very difficult but Data Panacea weekend BA Program has made things easily available through every possible aspects.”


“Data Panacea is a one stop solution. It takes care of every individual student and provides best studying material to prepare students easily throughout. Program content is undisputedly helpful & industry centric to enhance knowledge in the lines to it.”

Prashant Nikam, STERIA GROUP

I am happy to share that I have been offered my wishful job. I am truly grateful to Data Panacea Pvt. Ltd to have continuously sent me good job openings and even for lining up relevant interviews for me. It’s only because of your good efforts that I have got such a good opportunity to work for a known brand despite the gap in my work experience.

Dheeraj Khandelwal , WIPRO

“With regard to my strong ladder in Corporate Career, this course has helped me to raise the bar up by several notches. It inspires me to look forward to a promising alley. I have not one or a few but many avenues knocking at my fortune door, all set to rekindle my career.”

Aafreen Mulla, HUTCHISON 3G

“It’s a pleasure to be a part of Data Panacea family. The best thing about the program is the syllabus & content, which can be very much put into practicality into industry and useful for professionals. We literally learned all latest tools & techniques with industry cases.”


“It gives me a great pleasure to be a part of Data Panacea that has been a remark to my educational career. Amiable and sweet demeanor of all the faculties, honest and sincere performance of duties and other qualities of head and heart left an indelible impress upon us all”

Karthik Sankaranarayanan , KARAK BIZ VENTURES

“Data Panacea has been very helpful to me in gaining this level of insightful knowledge at this young age. Course is good since it teaches the basics of concepts with various live case studies, which help us, learn faster and more effectively. It really helped me in my career”

Rajpriya Nandy, TECH MAHINDRA

“It’s an elated feeling pursuing a course which gives worth to spending and adding up in the ladder; which one looks for. I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a step up in their career prospects in addition to gaining a broad-based education that would be a great asset in today’s global economy.”

Ashish Agarwal, HUTCHISON 3G

“Data Panacea has provided such an amazing opportunity to all those who intended to enhance their skills as per the changing requirements of the industry and cope up with the necessities through the courses available. Few highlights: Good courseware, excellent infrastructure and faculty. I wish Data Panacea all the very best.”

Siladitya Basu, HUTCHISON 3

“The program curriculum offered by Data Panacea is very beneficial for any level of learner. I highly recommend Data Panacea to every individual who aspire to be professional on the similar lines of their career.”

Shweta Chandra , Oravel Stays Private Ltd

“Data Panacea has given me a platform to perform better in my current role by understanding the business prospects and technology which has substituted to move up a level in my career goals.”

Vikas Shetty , SDL PLC

“I gained a set of specific skills in the areas of strategy support, analytics & developed a strong knowledge base and profound understanding of the best consulting practices. Because we solved real-life cases, I felt more confident.”