Looking For a Training Partner?

Data Panacea in its corporate training vertical is committed to growth coupled with continuous research and development in the learning, and training domains.

We support the growth and excellence of our clients by training and developing their human resources on a range of quality Learning & Skill Development programs, customized for clients that have an immediate & measurable effect.

We believe any Organizations success largely depends on individuals as well as team success. Especially in today’s changing world when the demand for skilled workmen is increasing, Organizations putting in high level of training programs for the employees will not only help developing advanced skill sets but also potentials to cope up with numerous competitions around.

Our objective for our clientele is not only to develop but also to get the insights to any problem and get the knack of kicking off the obstacle in the long run.

Solution: SPINS

We strongly believe in SPINS approach; which helps us in facilitating a systemic process in such situations and challenges

The Corporate training division at Data Panacea, through its customized approach and deep industry insights, delivers programs that help professionals develop capabilities required to address the current business challenges.

We can be Helpful in building/enhancing continuing education programs that aid retention.

We can also add value by supplementing trained staff with less cost involved after a trial of set number of resources placed in your repute firm.

If you are looking for a customized training program for your team, please do write in to us at nishab@datapanaceaonline.com