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Executive MBA Business Analytics

DPA offers Exito in Business Analytics for all professionals considering current market needs. It's stretched into one year classroom sessions happening on weekends without affecting the work life balance.

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Executive MBA Business Analytics, Exito is a unconventional One Year AICTE approved Program . designed to deliver the various functional areas in business, the ethnic understanding of a corporate, the customer centric.

Data Panacea Academy offers Exito in association with Akademia Educational Trust – AICTE approved 1 year MBA & Executive MBA Business Analytic in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.

Business analytic could be the process involving iterative, methodical search of the organization’s info together with focus on record analysis. Business analytics is employed by organizations focused on data-driven decision making.

Business analytics is used to find observations of which advice organization decisions along with enable you to automate along with boost organization procedures. Data-driven corporations take care of their own facts like a company advantage along with control it regarding reasonably competitive gain.

Successful business analytics will depend on facts quality, skilled experts exactly who fully grasp the particular technology as well as the organization along with a good organizational motivation to data-driven decision making.

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The program is a combination of classroom and computer added training, designed in such a way that it will an edge over the program without affecting one’s professional  life. At the end of the course student will be able to do the following task-

  • Data Mining – Exploring data to find new patterns and relationships
  • Statistical analysis & Quantitative analysis – Explaining why a certain result occurred
  • Predictive modeling & Predictive analytics – Forecasting future results
  • Enterprise decision management,
  • Retail analytics, store assortment and stock-keeping unit optimization, marketing optimization and marketing mix modeling, web analytics, sales force sizing and optimization, price and promotion modeling, credit risk analysis, and fraud analytics.

Suggested Program


  • Applicants must hold min. 2 years of work-ex in any field.
  • Having Math or Statistics at 12th level
  • Good IQ is must

EXECUTIVE MBA: Business Analytics?

Out of 4000 management schools in India approximately 125 exist in Bombay. 99% of these management schools offer a two year American patterned management program whereas there are hardly any one year MBA programs. The European MBA on other hand is a highly intense one year – (12 to 15 months) management program and the premise is that—what a student can learn in two years of conventional 2 years MBA – he/she can learn in 12-15 months in a fast paced highly intense manner.


With the world changing so fast- wherein the whole world is a single economic village- TIME is extremely important and if one were to excel in this highly competitive business environment – one needs to learn the nuances of business in a fast paced manner. The one year MBA –Exito being so intense – it conditions every participant to put in consistent long hours of efforts – in an attempt to contribute to the organization’s success. In addition to this the unique EXITO program architecture helps students to understand Business Models under strenuous –intense and electrifying environment to be a manager at the earliest.